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Australian Space Governance

About the Australian Centre for Space Governance

We aim to advance the agenda for responsible space governance and to advocate for Australia’s interests in space in the 21st century through three areas of focus:

Our Three Pillars

Serving Australia’s space law and governance needs (government, industry and broader stakeholders)

Engaging in outreach, advocacy, education, and training across various sectors to increase space literacy

Producing research to identify and solve national and global space governance challenges

The Moon

We bring together academic experts in fields such as space law, governance, policy, science and technology studies, security, property, history, ethics, political, and social sciences from across six different universities in Australia:


  • ANU

  • Flinders University

  • RMIT

  • University of Adelaide

  • UNSW Canberra

  • Western Sydney University

Person Gazing at a beautiful galaxy in deep space

We are committed to the values of interdisciplinary collaboration; safety, security and sustainability in space; diversity and inclusivity in the space sector; ensuring Australia fulfils its potential as a space middle power; and ensuring the national space sector engages fully with Indigenous Australians and incorporates Indigenous co-design and governance values to the use of land, sea and skies for space activities.

The ACSG Steering Committee



Research Assistants:

  • Andre Kwok (ACSG Communications and Media)

  • Sarah O'Connor (Space technology as critical infrastructure for national priorities)

  • Rhys Boardman (Earth observation data governance)

  • ​Walter Johnson

  • Mady Durham (Earth observation data as evidence in the courtroom)

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