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Announcing the Launch of Our New Podcast Series: Space Matters: The Space Governance Podcast   

The Australian Centre for Space Governance is excited to introduce our latest project, Space Matters: The Space Governance Podcast.  

The podcast kicks off with our inaugural episode titled "Welcome to Space Matters," where we delve into the work and goals of the ACSG. In this first episode, Dr. Cassandra Steer and Dr. Kat Robinson discuss the establishment and mission of the ACSG.  

Our Centre serves as an interdisciplinary hub dedicated to space law and governance, serving the comprehensive needs of academia, industry, government and the public. 

As Australia continues to expand its presence in space, the ACSG is committed to shaping Australia's legal and governance frameworks to ensure ethical and responsible uses of outer space.  

Space Matters will provide insightful discussions on the significance of space governance in the 21st century, making it essential for enthusiasts of law, policy, and space activities.   

Each episode will feature expert commentary and analysis from members of our Steering Committee and other leading voices in the field on issues across a range of space-related topics, including defence and security, infrastructure and technology, law and regulation, property and real estate, safety sustainability and equity, and social and cultural studies.    Tune in to Space Matters to gain insights into how space impacts our everyday lives and the main debates and challenges facing the sector.  

This podcast series is produced by Amelia Taylor on Meanjin land. 

The "Space Matters" podcast is available now on your favourite podcast platform. Listen and follow us on LinkedIn. If you have any questions about our podcast, please contact us at 

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