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Securing Australia through Space: A Workshop Overview 

Updated: Apr 18

In March, the Australian Centre for Space Governance (ACSG) hosted a workshop titled 'Securing Australia through Space.' The event engaged with the question: 'What does Australia need to secure, and how does space help to secure it?' This question set the stage for a day of rich discussions and exploration of the integral role of space in Australia's security and development. 

The workshop brought together a diverse group of participants from academia and government. Each brought their unique perspective to the table, contributing to a comprehensive discussion on various topics. Key areas of discussion included the utilisation of Earth observation data for climate and weather, strategies for disaster response, the management of Indigenous land and water, military and defence policy considerations, diversity and inclusion, the promotion of responsible behaviours in outer space, and the leveraging of space technology cooperation as a policy lever in the Asia Pacific region. 

The conversations throughout the day highlighted the permeating role of space in Australia's national priorities as well as our daily civilian lives. The workshop served as a platform for interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral knowledge sharing, highlighting the importance of diverse perspectives to space governance. We were proud to have speakers including:  

Distinguished Professor Brian P. Schmidt, Australian National University  

Dr. Cassandra Steer, Australian National University and chair of the ACSG  

Dr. Tristan Moss, UNSW Canberra  

• Dr. Elise Stephenson, Australian National University and Global Institute for Women's Leadership 

• Michelle Neumann, University of Adelaide 

• Danielle Ireland-Piper, Australian National University 

• Darin Lovett, iLAuNCH Trailblazer 

• Dr Brett Biddington, Biddington Research Pty Ltd 

• Stephen Ward, Symbios Communications 

• George Dyke, Symbios Communications 

• Dr Jia-Urnn Lee, FrontierSI 

• Dr Stacey Henderson, Flinders University   

• Art Cotterell, Australian National University 

• Vinicius Gueda Oliviera, Flinders University 

• Pete Swanton, Australian National University 

• Amy Hestermann-Crane 

We extend our gratitude to our research assistant, Sarah O'Connor, whose hard work was crucial in organising this successful event. We also wish to express our appreciation to UNSW Canberra and Space Command for their support in making this workshop possible.  

The ACSG is proud to contribute to nationally significant conversations surrounding Australia's dependence on and engagement in outer space. In the coming months, we will be distributing a series of policy papers that reflect the themes discussed during the workshop. These papers will further examine the workshop topics explored and provide insights and recommendations for a range of Australian federal government departments, and for the space industry. 

For those interested in learning more about the workshop or ACSG's initiatives, please feel free to reach out to us at

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