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Space in the Australian Public Eye: In-Depth Survey Reveals National Opinions

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The Australian Centre for Space Governance (ACSG) is proud to present, "Looking Up from Down Under: Australian Attitudes to Space Activities." This publication examines the Australian public's keen interest in space, yet notes that there is an opportunity to develop the public’s awareness and understanding of space activities and infrastructure and its importance for the country’s future trajectory.  

 Dr Aleksandar Deejay, Executive Director of the ACSG stressed, “We are inextricably reliant on space technologies in modern society, and while the Australian public is curious about space it has expressed it lacks a solid awareness of Australia’s space endeavours and the functions and everyday value of space technology.”  Through detailed analysis and consultations with key stakeholders, the survey highlights an uncertainty among Australians regarding their stance on space-related government initiatives and the nation's direction in space. Our findings show that there is a unique opportunity for the academic community, space industry, and government to more actively engage with the public on these issues. Further engagement is essential for developing a well-informed national attitude on Australia's future space activities.   

Serving as a foundational tool for guiding future space policies and strategies, this first-of-its-kind survey assist readers with aligning Australia's space sector with public sentiment and awareness. This study will be of interest to various groups including policymakers, space industry stakeholders, and academia.   This survey was authored by Dr. Tristan Moss, Dr. Kat Robison Hasani, and Dr. Aleksandar Deejay. For media inquiries and further commentary on this landmark study, the researchers are available for contact at:  Dr. Tristan Moss, UNSW Canberra: | 0433 004 640

Dr. Kat Robison-Hasani, ACSG: | 0499 223 786

Dr. Aleksandar Deejay, Australian National University: 

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