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Space Technologies: Critical Infrastructure for National Priorities

In December 2023, the Australian Centre for Space Governance (ACSG) hosted a workshop in collaboration with ANU National Security College Futures Hub. The event brought together a diverse group of 20 senior representatives from nine Australian federal government departments for an engaging discussion around the theme Space Technologies: Critical Infrastructure for National Priorities.  

The workshop was a dynamic platform for the exchange of views and information, fostering discussion among key stakeholders in space governance. Participants, representing various federal government departments, contributed their insights and expertise to explore the critical role of space technologies in shaping and supporting national priorities. The ACSG Steering Committee, comprised of world-class experts Dr Cassandra Steer, Dr Aleks Deejay, Professor Melissa de Zwart, Dr Tristan Moss, Duncan Blake, Joel Lisk, along with ANU National Security College’s Dale Stanley and James Grove, explored the following themes: 

  • Space technologies and critical infrastructure 

  • Space technologies in the Asia-Pacific region 

  • Space technologies and human security 

  • Public Opinion and why Australia invests in space 

  • Future directions for Australia    

The workshop explored various aspects of space technologies as critical infrastructure, highlighting their significance in addressing key national priorities through economic, operational, environmental, geopolitical, and national security lenses. The diverse perspectives shared during the workshop highlighted the importance of continued collaboration and knowledge-sharing in charting the evolving landscape of space governance. Dr. Cassandra Steer, chair of the ACSG stated:  

"We extend our thanks to all the participants who took the time to attend. The opportunity for government stakeholders to exchange knowledge and network with each other was one of our key aims. The valuable insights shared during the workshop highlight the multi-domain and multi-purpose nature of space technology as critical infrastructure, emphasising the importance of greater space literacy to support its responsible use for the benefit of our nation".   

Stay tuned for more updates as we plan to distribute a series of policy papers and research outputs based on the important discussions around the workshop themes.  

For further inquiries or if you'd like to learn more about this workshop, please contact: 

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